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Camel Liquid Ring Laboratory Vacuum

Most vacuum technologies measure life in terms of “hours” but liquid ring measures in decades. No vanes, no friction results in extraordinary long life with minimal requirements. Liquid ring is a simple technology. A rotor spins a sealing fluid (usually water) inside of a cylindrical housing. Since the rotor is offset to the housing, the fluid moves in and out of “buckets” as the rotor turns. The fluid acts as an ideal piston, pumping air virtually without friction. The rotor never touches the housing, so the pump suffers no internal wear.​


Claw Laboratory Vacuum – The Most Efficient Vacuum Technology Available

The BeaconMedæs Claw Vacuum System utilizes a dry, frictionless, multi-claw technology. The rotors spin in opposite directions, synchronized via precision gears, creating a highly efficient vacuum system. The rotors never contact the housing or each other, which removes the need for any lubricant or sealing fluid inside the pumping chamber.  An energy savings VFD option is also available.​


Laboratory Gas Manifold

Square One is a designer and manufacturer of custom built, compressed gas and cryogenic equipment. Starting from the source of gas or liquid, continuing through the pipeline distribution system to the final point-of-use, if it controls pressure or flow, Square One products are the way to go. From simple regulators and valves, to complex gas manifolds, gas mixing systems and gas distribution systems, from general purpose to ultra-high purity, a custom designed and built system from Square One is sure to please most any client, from doctor’s and nurses, to facilities engineers and laboratory technicians. Each and every Square One product is carefully designed in Ohio and manufactured to your specifications with components sourced from leading, North American manufacturers.​


Scroll Laboratory Air – The Solution That Fits

​Designed to meet the needs of space conscious facilities, the Lifeline Scroll integrates new compressor technology within a dramatically reduced footprint and includes:

  • Extremely Low Noise Levels.
  • Reduced Maintenance.
  • Desiccant dryers for optimum air quality.
  • BeaconMedæs’ “Hands Free Advantage”

To learn more about the Lifeline Scroll,view a spec sheet.


ZMed Laboratory – Air Compressor

The BeaconMedaes lifeline Laboratory Air System delivers clean, dry air with optimum efficiency and reliability to meet the increasing demands of today’s Laboratory facilities. The Z MED Laboratory Air System features all inclusive, fully engineered modular air system that is comprised of:

  • Simplex or Multiplex oil-free two stage rotary tooth compressor.
  • Compressors ranging from 20 hp through 74 hp.
  • Duplex desiccant dryer module sized specifically for each system.
  • Master controller for compressors and dryers.
  • Receiver tank with electronically controlled condensate drain.
  • Water-cooled or Air-cooled systems; optional VFD


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