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Paper making requires the removal of huge amounts of water through out the paper machine. Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps provide the ability to adjust vacuum levels to optimize water removal in the FLATBOX area of the paper machine. Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps continue the vacuum process through the COUCH section with increased vacuum levels. Finally Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps provide additional dewatering in the PRESS section of the paper machine. 

 Vacuum Pump Manufacturer we represent for this application: Dekker


In the manufacture of envelopes, vacuum pumps up to 700 CFM are used in the process to hold the paper or paperboard to allow folding and cutting operations. Both dry rotary vane and liquid ring vacuum pumps are used in an envelope making machine. In large envelope factories the individual machine requirements are centralized and allow for a fewer number of larger size vacuum pumps in one central location. Liquid Ring vacuum pumps are most often cost effective to handle centralized requirements up to 4000 CFM per vacuum pump. 

Vacuum Pump Manufacturers we represent for this application:Becker, Dekker



Offset sheet-fed printing presses require both low positive pressure and vacuum at the same time. Vacuum is used to feed sheets of paper stock into the press and hold the paper to the roll during the print cycle and the light pressure is used to push the printed paper off the roll and on to the delivery end of the press where the finished sheets are stacked. A small amount of low pressure air at the delivery end is blown across the stack to compact the stack. Combined pressure/vacuum dry rotary vane pumps are the pump of choice for printing applications. If the CFM requirements exceed the capacity of a combined pump then individual vacuum pumps and low pressure rotary vane compressors are the choice. 

Vacuum Pump Manufactures we represent for this application: Becker, Dekker Web-fed printing presses do not use vacuum.

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